I'd been praying all winter the year of 1998 for a house to move into, since we lived in a 5th wheel and it was needing lots of repair.... I wanted a Mobil home to put on our lot... It seemed God was quiet and the answer wouldn't come for me... But I kept asking God to give me a house before winter comes again! Every lead we got turned out to be a waste of time, but I kept praying, and now I realize God was whispering 'Wait, I have a plan' But at the time I wasn't wanting a 'whisper', I wanted a shout of YES!

Meanwhile there was an OLD house next door to us that had been vacant for ten years, and was actually falling down in places, and it came up for sale, and my daughter (Julie) and her husband bought it because it was so cheap...They gave five hundred dollars for it and the lot it was on, which was a price unheard of even in 98...

Julie had her dad and I in mind when they bought the house, thinking it was 'fixable'...But I had nooooo intention of living in that ugly old house! Although I kept praying for God to give me a house before winter!

His whispering was getting a bit louder, I still wasn't listening though!

During this time Julie and her neighbor (Shelly) were praying that God would open my eyes to see the potential in the house they had bought...While I kept praying 'Father, Please give me a house before winter.' ha ha

I had no idea that Julie and Shelly were praying for God to 'open my eyes'...But one morning in the early summer of 1999 I awoke and my first thought was, today I am going to go over to that old house and really look it over and see if it's 'fixable'...And I did come into the house with that attitude, and I did see the potential it had, even though it needed tons of work, I saw it through 'opened eyes', and that was the beginning of a long hot, and tiring summer for my family and myself, (we couldn't have done it with out the help of Julie and her husband, James, my ex son in law)...The house had to be re~leveled, which my husband did, and the inside had to be gutted and redone just about every room except what we call 'the living room'......The rooms were small but it had 3 bedrooms....We took one of them and made it a bathroom, and one for a bedroom and one for me to use to do the crafts that I loved to do...

New sheet rock on the walls and new paint did bring newness of life in here...On the outside, we put new siding on most of it and repainted the outside, it looks 100% different than it did when we started, and is now where we live and call 'home', since the fall of 1999...

And I want to add in the end, we didn't pay anything for the house, God did answer mine, Julie's and Shelly's prayers with a YES! He literally 'GAVE' me a house...And telling how that came about will be another story...

God's whispering finally became a shout of YES! And I heard Him! ha haaa He is AWESOME and I thank Him for His Gifts to me, and especially Eternal Life with Him!

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