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Last night in my dreams, the Lord took me on a journey of a lifetime. I guess He knew what seeing Mama's picture meant to me on Facebook. In my dream, I was at a huge museum of nothing but old family pictures and photo albums. I searched through piles of loose photos and came across pictures of Mama with Sam and Roy that were taken before I was born. She was so pretty and my brothers were young; they all looked so happy.

One of my favorite pictures was her in an old black and white photo at the 100-year birthday celebration of our small town in Georgia. I remember seeing pictures of the different homes they lived in before I was born, and they were sitting on the front steps, smiling as always.

Mama always said, "You can't out give God." Thank you, Lord, for the amazing journey. Thank you for loving me and knowing what touches my heart.

Jan Hall Morgan © May 27, 2017 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved by Author Mail


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If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again - Loretta LynnSapphire Designs 2017