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Someone remembers; someone cares. Your name is whispered in someone's prayers. - Anonymous

I am sitting here wondering what the future holds for me.

Life is funny when you reach a certain age. If you can't remember something, your kids look at you like a deer in headlights! Yet, with all the cell use, they don't even know where they are or where they are going unless they Google it!

I am more at peace than ever before. I am enjoying being with just me, myself and I.....haha. Kids are grown and finding their own happiness and path. It is no longer my responsibility to be there to guide them through life.

They know the Lord and now it is between Him and them. So, I ask again.....what does the future hold for me? Guess I will follow in my Mama's footsteps and write my "Jesus Stories" to share about my love of the Lord.

You see, before I got the question asked, He has already answered as I write with these whispered words. Thank you, Lord, for always being with that struggling teenager sitting by the lake in Albany, and now..... sitting in my recliner in Texas with a big smile because I know you are still near and will continue to walk beside me now and forever. To God be the glory...amen.

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