There's nothing like a little talk with, Jesus any time at all, He's always waiting for each of us, To be with Him when we call. I remember long ago when Liz, Was in the pool with some friends, Swimming games were the rage but the cost, Was great, Mother's gift transcends. We have a rule when swimming to take, Off earrings before they're lost, It saves a lot of wear and tear on, Floats and nerves besides the cost. And somewhere in between in and out, Of the pool Mother's earrings, Those beautiful little diamond studs, Were floating like debris clings. Frantically Liz dove in the pool, Looking everywhere for them, Finally she began crying that's, When I knew I'd just ask Him. Our Lord has always guided us through, Many blessings, He will know, And if I ask Him He will tell me, Saving us a lot of woe. I pray the Lord blesses you this way, Too some day when you trust Him, Enough to depend on Him when you lose, Important things like a gem. Sit down and talk to Jesus sweetly, And lovingly for He's there, With you in the midst of your trial, Hearing your pleading prayer. Very reverently with urgency, I asked the Lord where they were, Only He'd know that answer and then, I thanked Him for telling me where. And He whispered "skimmer line and pump," I hollered to Liz's Dad, He hurriedly opened it there they, Were Oh Glory were we glad. Praise the Lord for His little blessings, Only He knew where the gems were, Mother's Diamond Earrings, and Liz thanked, Jesus with her eyes a blur. Yes have a little talk with Jesus, Just any time at all call, He's always waiting for His children, Let Him Bless you, then enthrall. ©Sondra McPherson April 4, 2009 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

"Just A Little Talk With Jesus"
Sequenced By Chuck Abernethy
Earnest and Roline Ministries Midi Music