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At first I thought it was all just about buying a used car. Now, I realize it was about much more. When my old car finally blew black smoke, poured coolant from the radiator, and made a loud boom, I just burst out loud, "Praise the Lord; it has finally died." Now, I could not put off getting a newer one. I had to face my fears and step out in faith that it would happen.

It all blew up just as I was parking in front of my house. Thank You, Lord, for Your perfect timing and that it did not happen on a busy road in the sweltering heat. I immediately called friends and family to praise the Lord because I would somehow, through the Lord, be able to get a newer car. I wanted one without oil leaks, radiator leaks, and one that I could drive out of the city limits.

Sure enough, with an expectant heart, I received my down payment and got old car's title with ease. Now, all I had to do was "wait patiently" for the dealership to get in the make and model that I wanted. Ha, I soon learned it is in the waiting that we try and take the reins back from the Lord.

The lesson was not the car, but how to stop the fear that sets in while we are waiting patiently. It makes sense; we know what we want; we know the necessary steps to take to get it. We, we, we....without realizing it, we have cut Him out of it all together. If He is not in the "waiting," the expectant heart becomes a troubled heart and a fearful heart, then fear moves in to fill the empty space.

Soon we look around and wonder when it all changed. How did I go from praising the Lord in a car with coolant running down the curb, to wondering in fear if it would really happen? It all changed in the WAITING! I went from waiting on the Lord, to waiting on my own plan to work. All He asked from me was to wait PATIENTLY. Yet, I felt if I did not figure it all out myself and on my time table I was not going to get it.

Quickly, I fell on my knees in prayer, asked for His forgiveness and released the reins that I held so tightly. I felt all the fear in the details leave at once, as I praised Him like I did at the first sight of smoke coming from my car. Yes, His wonderful details were more than I could have ever imagined. Wish you could see my car, but you may, since I am free now to leave the city limits in all God's GLORY.

Amen and amen!

Jan Hall Morgan ©July 12, 2014 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved by Author Mail share

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