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We were brought up hand to mouth Not rich, by any means Daddy worked hard to buy the grub For the bowl that held the beans It was full of gravy for breakfast Then carefully washed and put away For supper, it held a poor man's staple Pinto beans that were cooked all day Sometimes, we had chicken on Sunday But the bowl wasn't just set aside It held Mother's pudding or dumplings That she always served with pride The distance between breakfast and supper Seemed so long on a cold winter day Mother filled that old bowl with leftovers And homemade chow-chow she had put away Each of us kids would grab a spoon Then line up around that bowl We must have looked a pitiful sight It was so good, bless my soul Every so often, Daddy fixed us a treat Of sliced bananas and sugar and milk The spoons flew fast and furiously As they slid down our throats like silk Mother also had a big old spoon For serving everything that bowl held Like the strawberry flavored gelatin Left on the cold back porch 'till it jelled At times, the beans were accompanied by Green onions and a big batch of flitters With a big glob of butter on the top Just remembering it gives me the jitters Not only was it used for serving That old bowl was good for mixing Batter for cakes and pudding for pies Homemade biscuits with all the fixings Those really were the "good old days" That I still think of now and then Tasting all the goodies served in that bowl Makes a good game of "Remember when..?" Kathleen McCoy Eldridge March 3, 2011 All Rights Reserved share

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