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True Love Ways Today, I happened to hear our song again Listening to it brought tears to my eyes A feeling of sadness for what might have been My mind knows what my grieving heart denies It was playing on the jukebox the day we met We joked later that our stars were crossed Totally head over heels from that moment on Teens determined to be together at all cost My memory feels your strong arms around me And how I stood on my tiptoes to kiss you Playing through my mind as on a movie screen Only God knows how much I still miss you Feeling bitter and cheated when you had to go As if some terrible prank had been played No answers came and I had to keep trudging on Without the one who always brightened my day Though I know you're forever gone from me My lonely heart tries to relive those days And the many times we danced and listened To Buddy Holly singing True Love Ways Kathleen McCoy Eldridge ©September 11, 2007 All Rights Reserved E-Mail share

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