Happy Valentine Day, Sweetheart

Some say Love is a four lettered word, But I say Love is you and me Sweetheart, Has been right from the start! Our Love grows stronger with each passing day, My Love for you is true and will be for eternity! Our Love was Heaven sent... My Love for you is priceless for my Heart, Belong to you Sweetheart! I give you my Heart to keep forever. It is filled with all my Love for you. You are my whole world and, I'm so lucky you are mine forever. You make me feel so Loved and warm inside! You have made my world a happier place, Since you became mine! Today is the day to give your Heart away, And I give it freely to you Sweetheart! You are my one and only the one I adore! And Love forever, thanks for making me, Feel so Loved and cared for! Some say Love is a four lettered word I say Love is you and me Sweetheart, Until the end of time! I Love you! ©Judy Knight February 4, 2009 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Share this Page

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You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
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