He's all I need He Is My Friend, God is the only one I need, When I'm heavy laden, Full of sorrow and pain, I turn it over to the Lord. I only need to trust in Him, He will sustain me and give me love, With peace and under standing, He is my Friend from above. He is all I need, He is in my heart to stay, It will matter not, if trouble comes my way, And it will, He said He would never depart, He holds the future; He will be with me always. On Him I can depend, He said, He would never leave or forsake me, That's all He ever wanted, Was for me to call upon Him, To put my trust in Him, He is my savior and guide. He is all I need He is Lord of my life, He gave me peace and love, That comes from my Father above, He is everything I could ask for and more, With Him I will have everlasting life, From my Heavenly Father above, My days will be brighter with, Jesus walking by my side, He is my Friend now and forever. Jesus Is The Only Way, He is all I need. ©Judy Knight October 28, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

With My Whole Heart
Words by Larry A. Hamblen
Music by Jerry D. Hamblen
Copyright 2007 Hamblen & Hamblen Music
All Rights Reserved

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