It is not a Christian Organization But it is based on Christian beliefs! Life is a maze through which we Travel and could not see If not for our Heavenly Father who Watches over us all, and guide our ways He is a Supreme Being, ruler of our universe That teaches us to do well, your faith in God Is the key that unlocks our doors to you! To start we open our Chapter with prayer We have Christian beliefs, when you enter Our portals, listen closely to all you hear For this is the road of life you will use to build Your character on, Eastern Star is dedicated to Truth, Charity and Loving Kindness to all mankind! Trust in the Lord with all your heart acknowledge Him; He will direct your path as we travel along Life's road we are to be Faithful to our Heavenly Father, who gave His all for our sins, and to Ourselves our sisters, brothers, and families To our vows and our Country, the lesson and Degrees we learned are created around the lives Of five women from the Bible, the first lesson we Learn is to keep sacredly the vows taken at the Altar It is of great Truth and Faith! Adah comes from the book of Judges she stands For Fidelity, Ruth comes from the book of Ruth she Stands for Constancy, Esther comes from the book Of Esther She stands for Loyalty, Martha comes from The Gospel of John she stands for Faith, Electa comes From the book of 2: John she stands for love. The building lessons are taught from stories of people In the Bible, the lesson of Adah is Fidelity The story of Ruth is the most beautiful, so like Ruth we Need to be steadfast, true in spite of hardships and trials If we keep the Faith, our Lord will see us through. From Esther, we learn to be loyal to our God, our Country Ourselves and our friends, from Martha we learn that with Faith, we can have eternal life, for we walk by Faith not by Sight, we learn that Faith, is greater than knowledge, from Electa we learn the second great law laid down by Christ Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself which made her Famous for "Let us love one another" As our Heavenly Father has loved us! The emblem of the Order is a five-pointed star with the white Ray of the star pointing downwards toward the Altar, in the Chapter room, the downward-pointing white ray points to the West, it takes eighteen officers for a full chapter: The Bible must be open on the Altar during the time the chapter Is open and closed when we close the chapter In closing of the chapter we are united in prayer by the Chaplain After which we say the benediction in unison! "May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent? One from the other" ©Judy Knight November 15, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

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