It was our Home in the country. We lived on a dirt and gravel road More dirt than gravel because it was Back when times were hard. There weren't many cars. We used horses and buggies in those days. We were share croppers on a farm. Our money didn't go very far. We had a large family four boys and four girls. But we were happy with what we got, Which was far and in between times. It was hard to take care of a large family! We could see through the cracks in the floor. Sometimes we would feed the chickens, Through the cracks along with what ever, Was under the house, in winter time we, Would cover the cracks with cardboard, So it would stay warmer inside. We also, Had to cover the windows they didn't have, Any glass in them, we had so much cover on, Our bed, we could hardly move. But we loved, Growing up in the country! Back then all us kids had chores to do, we didn't, Have time for playing much, we were always busy. From dawn till night, working in the fields, gathered, Eggs and fed the cows and pigs. We were always, Busy doing our chores But being the oldest girl I had to help with the cooking. Also help with the cleaning along with washing clothes, On an old rub board which skinned my knuckles and made Them sore, it didn't do much good it was always dusty. But we thanked our Lord for the blessing He gave us! ©Judy Knight January 12, 2009 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail click here to send this site to a friend!