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Bought gas today for $2.54.
$2.79 everywhere else.

61 out on the deck
where Miss Sandra and Tammy
and I had lunch.
Took all winter but we made it.


Think I'll take a drive to Oscoda tomorrow 
and check on the steelhead.
Supposed to be 51 there tomorrow. 
Yeah---if I get up in time. 

Miss Sandra won't go.
Wants to paint the dining room. 
Gotta trade her in on a fisherwoman. 

Snow is gone and so is winter.
Oh, it may try to smack us again---
but it's over. 

Boo on winter. 
Spring is good --- winter, bad. 
Time to get out of the house.

Sat on the deck 
and tuned and played my guitar while singing. 
Neighbor's dog wouldn't quit barking.
Went in and watched TV. 

Gotta call the cops on that mutt.
Barks out of key and out of time.
Aaaaaaaaaahhhh, yes---

Life is good!

Thank you, Jesus!

©Jerry Soyka
March 11, 2010
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Note: Jerry is a singer/songwriter whom I have known for many years. We sang together in church a long time ago. Please check out his music on this site.

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