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Some people say they're depressed. What I do is not depression; it's called relaxing. If that's called depression, I'm in a state of emergency. I take a nap in between my naps. And in between my naps, I eat. I tell Miss Sandra I'm working as hard as I can at retirement. I put all my efforts into it. Haven't written a song or recorded one in a year or so. Too easy to go on line and listen to other people. I like to think I've "entered into His rest" (Hebrews 4:10). We've spent our life working at life. Now it's time to sit back and survey our time between the eternities. Why not relax? We earned it. We did our time. When they bring those two new great granddaughters over, Miss Sandra grabs them at the door and never turns loose of 'em. I love to just watch her cuddle and coo with 'em. With the prefix name "grand" or "great grand" comes the expectations of slow, naps, treats, cooking on the deck, cooking breakfast, teasing and "Okay, it's nap time, take 'em home." They love it and we should, too. Our newest, Kaylee, spent the entire day on great grandma's chest today, while great grandpa cooked breakfast, watched and napped. As life winds down, we should too, and feel good about… Oh, oh I think I feel a nap coming on! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh yes, my dear friend, life is good. ©Jerry Soyka March 12, 2010 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Send this site to a friend!


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