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How many times have you heard this: "Didn't you see my note?!!! I left it right on the table/counter." Well, who looks there??? I sure don't. I've gotten into too much trouble in the past because I didn't see "the note." How many men come in from a hard day fighting the wolves and goes to the table and looks for a note? It just ain't gonna happen. Put a note on the counter by the door and I'll come in and lay my keys on it on my way to my lazy chair. What note??? No!!! I did not see your note.

But, listen to this ladies and gents. Write your note and throw it on the carpet. Yeah---on the floor. Something about a piece of paper on the floor that draws your eyes to it as soon as you walk in the room. We started throwing our notes on the floor by the door and I haven't heard, "Didn't you see my note???" since.

Got a doctor appointment, a birthday, or some special time or date you have to be someplace???? Write a note and throw it in front of your lazy chair. You'll never miss an appointment again.

To help you remember this little trick, print this message out and throw it on the floor. You'll never forget it.

Try it.

Jerry Soyka © August 8, 2017 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail share

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