Women!!!! Men think women are stupid, the weaker sex. However, there's another side. God made women---I believe that---but I've come to believe He did it for a reason----He has a great sense of humor.

Eve was deceived. We've all been deceived at one time or another; we know how that feels. But, Adam walked into his sin with his eyes wide open, doing what his wife wanted. Can you imagine what it would be like living with a woman so perfect, hand made by God himself, and trying to refuse her something?

Today, we live with women with centuries of generational flaws and they still win. They always win. Women are dumb as axe handles but, twice as smart as men. They humbly walk two steps behind and tell the man which way to turn as they walk. They win. And God and all the angels laugh out loud.

If we argue with one, and win, we take them to dinner to celebrate, at 'their' favorite place and "we pay." If we lose, we take them to dinner at 'their' favorite place to get out of the dog house, trying to get them to accept our apology and "we pay." And God and all the angels laugh out loud.

The Bible tells us we are more than conquerors through Christ. Want to know what "more than conquerors" are??? Here's a story: A fighter goes to the gym every day for a year, working out, running miles, tunnel vision, toning his body. He finally gets the big fight; gets the snot beat out of him for 15 rounds, in front of all his friends--- but wins. He gets a sack of money and runs home; runs in the house and says, "Honey!!!! I won" and gives 'her' the sack of money. She's 'more' than a conqueror." And God and all the angels laugh out loud.

Babies can't talk but a woman knows when they're hungry, when they need changing, and when they have to go to the doctor. Now tell me how those stupid beings know that???? Animals can't communicate but my wife knew when "my" dog, hurt, was hungry, had to go outside or was warning us of some danger. How did she know that??? He was "my" dog!!!!! I loved that dog and cried when that mutt died. And he tried to bite me when I kissed her. And God and all the angels laughed out loud.

We men gather around the BBQ grill and convince each other how we wear the pants, and the women allow it. It keeps us from revolting. The women prepare all the side dishes, make the salad, buy and bring out the steaks. The man cooks the meat for ten minutes and eats like a pig. The women clean up everything and wash the dishes while the man sits with his friends telling how good he treats his woman to take the burden of cooking from her on week-ends and everyone brags on the man for a wonderful meal and how good he is to her and she should be glad he married her. And God and all the angels are laughing out loud!!!

Now, fellas, tell me one more time how dumb your woman is!

Can you hear some laughing somewhere out there in eternity?????????????

©Jerry Soyka Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail sharing with you

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