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Hugs are wonderful. What's better than to feel a child's arms around your neck?

I have Miss Sandra buy bags of caramels and Tootsie Rolls so when the great-grandbabies come around I trade candy for those precious hugs. One caramel---one hug.

Little nieces and nephews are the same. If they're scared or shy, a Tootsie Roll or caramel will bring them around in a hurry. I also find they'll come around for more hugs even when the candy's gone. They love hugs, too.

How about adults? They love hugs. If a friend or family member that I haven't seen in a while comes toward me with their hand out to shake, everything changes if I spread my arms for a hug. They'll walk right up and squeeze the breath out of you. You'll also get a lot of "I love yous" and "I sure missed yous". Nice stuff like that. Hugs trigger something in people, both male and female.

But the best hug I get is every morning. Miss Sandra and I always start our day off with a nice hug and kiss. There have been times we didn't do it and before the day was up I'd ask, "Hey, did I get my hug??" And we'd stop what we were doing and get the job done. So, sometimes I sneak in an extra hug or two during the day. As she walks within arm's length I ask, "Did I get my hug today?" Sometimes she says, "Yes" as she just walks by, but sometimes she can't remember and I get another one. Sometimes she just giggles and says, "Yes you did!" but gives me another anyway.

So now I have been asking her three, maybe four times a day. The way I got it figured if she was to forget for the next 259 mornings, I'd still be ahead.

Hugs...hugs are wonderful!

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