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I'm back! I've been off line for a week. Miss Sandra and I went north for some R and R ----- Retirement and Retirement.

Done some steelhead fishin' and just took Sandra away for her birthday; took her on a fishin' trip. Man can't love his woman more than that. Next year if she's still around----and good---- I may buy her a fishin' pole.

Fishin' was good; weather was tolerable. Caught one big one, enough for 4 or 5 meals for me. She doesn't like fish.

Gas in the Upper Peninsula. was $3.09 a gallon and cigarettes were almost $7.00 a pack. So if you smoke and going north, buy them here. Miss Sandra grumbled more about that price than the gas prices but, then she don't smoke. Small price to pay for a little pleasure.

We stopped at the casinos and, yes, did very well. Our Native American brothers paid for the trip. Miss Sandra didn't do so well and she gave back a lot of what I won, big hearted woman that she is.

But, we ate real good, went to bed late, slept late. That's why I only caught one steelhead and we laughed an awful lot. We only do that when we're alone, or around other people.

The cabin owner only charge us $60 a night for his biggest $100 a night cabin. Still off season. We decided we would do it from now on, once in the spring and once in the fall: go rent that cabin.

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