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68 outside and drizzling rain----hate these kinds of drizzly days. Always have.

I remember when I was little growing up in Ironwood. I'd run out of the house in the morning wearing t-shirt, Levis and tenner shoes. I didn't know they were called tennis shoes until my wife told me years later. I wanted to do something, anything, with anybody. School was finally out and I didn't want to waste a minute indoors any more. Took off looking for someone to play with...anybody. Walked to Inky's house, Mickey's house, Chubby's house, Jimmer's house, Johnny's house and Den-Den's house. We had gone up on the bluff, hid in the brush a few times and smoked.

Everyone wanted to stay in because it was drizzling rain, off and on. By now my tenners were soaking wet and my Levis were wet almost to my knees and my head and shoulders were wet and I was shivering. I wanted to go home and get a jacket but knew if I did my mom would see how wet and cold I was and make me stay inside till she seen the sun. I even tried to make fires up by the bluff to warm up, but everything was wet.

Finally, I gave up and went home. Sure enough, mom was waiting and made me change my wet clothes. I lay down on the couch under a blanket only to find out there was nothing on TV but soap operas, which mom had to watch every day, and even when she got up during commercials to do something and I changed channels (both channels had soap operas) and we only had 2 channels back then. I think one was 3... can't remember what the other one was. But mom would turn it back to her channel as soon as she came back in the room...soap operas.

I've always hated drizzling rain days.

Jerry Soyka © June 20, 2014 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail


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Raindrops Keep Falling On My HeadSapphire Designs 2014