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It's 8:30 am and -1 degrees with a wind chill of -17 and it's been that way since 5:30 this morning. Sandra told me not to get out for her Diet Coke this morning. But I should ------ otherwise she'll think I'm a wimp. Maybe---or maybe she'll think I'm smart enough to stay inside. But if I was still in the work force I'd be gone already. Out in the world, fighting the wolves and doing for someone else that I don't love as much as her.

If I don't go----what will she have with her breakfast? What if she decides not to cook today because it's cold? That wouldn't be fair to me. It's warm in the kitchen.

My windshield is clean. I won't have to scrape it. Just put up with lots of cold for a matter of 15 minutes. I should stay right here under my blanky in my lazy chair. But the people at MacDonald's got out----men and women. They expect customers to come and pay their salaries.

I don't want to get out at all. But if I were out of cigarettes, I'd go if it was -100 degrees and a blizzard going on. Her Diet Coke isn't as important as my cigarettes-----to me. But it's real important to her----right?

Naw----I'll just sit back and watch this old black and white movie and stay warm. She can go one day without her Diet Coke. Yeah, that's the smart thing to do. I'm smart. I'm a wimp ain't I? Yeah, I'm a wimp. Guess I better get going and get it over with.


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Sequenced by Carl Moore

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