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I was fifteen and she was sixteen the first time I ever saw her.

Very few men appreciate what the government did for us, but I do and did, at a very young age. They made it a law that every woman child had to go to school. They bused them in from miles around. And there they were, in school all day, walking up and down the halls and sitting in those classrooms waiting to be looked over by "me." Hundreds of 'em. Just beautiful! Bus loads of 'em. And I looked, daily, checking out the stock.

Sound crude??? Well, from the mind of a fifteen year old, it's nature. Raw nature. I reveled in it. Day after day through high school I looked, talked and examined everyone I could. And the pretty ones, as often as possible, very closely. I saw little reason to pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity like this. Where in the world could you find so many beautiful women, well dressed, make-up just right, hair perfect, day after day, just for me to examine? God bless America!!! "Take your pick," said my brain. God bless America, for sure!!!!!

Then one night two friends of mine and I had a party in a field, by a lake owned by my brother-in-law. We called them "grassers" in the sixties. She came walking down the grassy road holding hands with "him!" She was like nothing I ever saw before. Perfection on the hoof. One hundred and fifteen pounds of total gorgeous; a green eyed blond with a figure, oh my!!!, that only a fifteen year old dreams of. God bless America.

I just stared, locked up; my brain went into Depcon 4 and my mind thought every evil thought it ever had - 2 or 3 times. I walked over for a closer look at her and just stared. She didn't know I was in the world and was still holding "his" hand. I hated him; why waste time? She spoke to people as she stood there smiling and looked right through me, still holding "his" hand and I hated him more.

Being the shy, quiet guy I was, I did the only thing I could think of at a time like this. I walked up to her and kissed her right on the mouth. Yeah, right on the mouth. When I opened my eyes, I realized she noticed me! I was so happy; I just hauled off and kissed her again. Then I noticed she let go of "his" hand and he just walked away. Whooooa! God bless America! Big mistake buddy!!!! On the third try to kiss her, she put a stop to it. But, she stayed to talk throughout the party.

Didn't see her again for two weeks. But, when I did, she was calling my name in a crowd at a football game. After everyone had left the field, we stayed together till it was too late and I got home after four in the morning. Mom was not amused with me when I told her I had met the girl I was going to marry. Two years later we were married. My little bride. Sometimes I feel bad for all the other boys in school. I went in there, got the best one and left, leaving all the "seconds" behind for them. Sorry fellas!!!! But you snooze, you lose. They all got a good education; I got "the little bride."

That first kiss was in the year of our Lord, 1964. Since that night, she's given me three children, two grandchildren and three great grandchildren plus years of smiles, memories and a good life. And she seems to get prettier every day but, don't tell her I said that.

The little bride…yeah, every man should have one. Just one.

Jerry Soyka ©March 3, 2011 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail share

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