Slipping and sliding and laughing out loud It's snowing and school was called off Running and jumping in new fallen snow So crunchy and flaky and soft Big flakes and little flakes falling to Earth As a big one lands on my tongue Pulling my cap down 'round my cold ears This Snow Day is going to be fun As the children next door make a snowman I see a kid pulling his sister on a sled Little brother is bundled and has to go pee But he sprays the snow yellow instead Wow! It's colder than it was just an hour ago This Snow Day isn't fun anymore Whining about our frostbitten fingers We all make a beeline for the door As usual, our dear mother is waiting With hot chocolate and a big, warm duvet Cuddling and sipping and falling asleep By the fireplace with the cold held at bay Awakening to a house quiet and empty Realizing I had journeyed back in time To relive fond memories of a family so dear Like old photographs floating through my mind Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 25, 2010 All Rights Reserved share

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