Sapphire Designs 2014

Our Daddy loved asparagus spears Especially the ones that grew wild He always called it spargus So did I, when I was a child To Daddy, asparagus always tasted best When it grew by the side of the road In summer, when he went riding around He usually came home with a load When he spotted a patch of it growing He was as happy as a pig in mud His Dodgers cap perched on his head He whistled as he dug Once, he was on the expressway Glancing hopefully along the road When an officer with lights and sirens Pulled him over for going too slow I doubt this story would have ever been told If Mother hadn't been in the car I can still see her laughing and telling him That his obsession had gone too far Daddy figured since he got no ticket And the officer let him off with a smile He could keep on hunting and digging For he reckoned it was all worthwhile Days and months and years have passed And our parents are sorely missed Their children who are remaining Treasure memories such as this Kathleen McCoy Eldridge ©May 30, 2014 All Rights Reserved


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Goober Peas Sapphire Designs 2014