Sapphire Designs 2013

(Dedicated to Shane) Roy Cotter left this world today The dreaded cancer took its toll Sleeping as he breathed his last Heaven surely gained another soul A voracious monster, this awful disease Takes friends and loved ones from our midst Leaving us all to wonder why As it mocks our scientists, who still persist Questions flood through tortured minds And, still, we have no answer As new technology is discovered We all still fear the horrendous cancer Yet, we are not to question God We have placed our trust in this Higher Power For in the midst of the Master's Bouquet R.C. is His latest flower Kathleen McCoy Eldridge © January 26, 2013 All Rights Reserved

09/29/1932 ~ 01/26/2013 share

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Performed by Margi HarrellSapphire Designs 2013