We've made it to the last day Of two-thousand and ten Recalling this time a year ago And all that's happened since Smiling as I think about All the friends that I have made Firm assurances from Rocky That I have "family" in spades The many trips to Wal*Mart™ The good food at Gondolier's™ My beautiful rose garden And all my surgery fears Lots of memories to savor Some happy and some sad If I put them all together Then the year was not half bad Confiding in Ken and Cali The Ford™ emblem that Tim saved Beginning a fourth round of chemo Chatting with Jan whether night or day Ah, the kindness of my neighbors Roy and Mildred and Shane Helping out a friend in need Out of love and not for gain The warmth and shelter of my home Enough money to pay my bills Thanking God for the insurance That pays the cost of my ills My Christmas gift from Danny Who never lets me down He's the very best little brother This old gal has ever found Thinking of friends and family Who always stay in touch The prayers of Ann and Geraldine Their kindness means so much Enduring chemo's side effects Gaining strength through my faith Loving support from Teresa, Barb and Ada Helps to keep my head on straight Guess I'd better stop my rambling Just look forward to the year ahead Don my very best bib and tucker Go to dinner with Tim and Jennifer instead Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ December 31, 2010 All Rights Reserved

Dedicated with love and gratitude to Rocky, Tim, Jennifer, Liz, Brian, Samantha, Simon, Danny, Jan, Ada, Barb, Teresa, Roy, Mildred, Shane, Sophia, Melissa, Trina, Ken, Cali, Ann Marie and Geraldine.


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Bill Basham

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