Sitting lazily by the cozy fireplace As the amber light slowly flickers My mind and heart longs to replay Past Christmases in pictures My contented brain starts to wander Down the long corridors of time A wistful smile comes to my face As the mantle clock starts to chime The spicy, sweet smell of candies and fruit Is something I so fondly remember Mother bought them each and every year Around the third week of December We had Christmas plays in church and school And each child was given a treat In a brown paper bag with fruit and nuts We didn't often get something sweet The Christmas trees cut from the hill The crooked way they always stood The snowball fights we had with friends Living in our neighborhood Whispering and peeking and hiding gifts Decorating the Christmas tree Hanging up all our stockings Hoping Santa would remember me The Kentucky winters so cold and fierce The landscape like a Christmas card We always had memorable holidays Though Mother and Daddy had it hard Christmases with my husband and sons Always gave me that old-time feeling Letters to Santa and hints and clues Their fondest wishes revealing Falling in and out of a needed sleep I'm exactly where I want to be We'll make new memories tomorrow For next year's yuletide reverie Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ December 21, 2010 All Rights Reserved share

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