Sapphire Designs 2014

Guess you could say my mood is pensive Deeply lost in thoughts of home While looking forward to seeing loved ones At the family reunion to come It's been several years since the last one Many changes have taken place Welcoming several new members Missing those who have lost the race Cheryl went to Heaven just a year ago Wounding my soul to its very core I can see her laughing and having fun In that Red Wings jersey she wore When my dearest Luke took his final breath The light in me no longer glowed Lena left us in two-thousand and three And dear Virginia just a month ago We'll pick and grin and talk and laugh So the Kentucky mountains can hear it Thinking of those who are now at rest Knowing they'll be there in spirit Taking pictures and telling old tales Storing up memories so sweet Dreading the time when we all have to go For it might be the last time we meet The days will pass and all too soon We will tearfully say good-bye Keeping our loved ones close to our hearts Till that reunion in the sky Kathleen McCoy Eldridge ©June 13, 2014 All Rights Reserved Elizabeth Ann (Beth) McCoy died January 7, 2017. share

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Precious MemoriesSapphire Designs 2014