Sapphire Designs 2011 - © George Kovach

Pony tails and Bobby socks Rolled up Levi™ jeans Bubble gum and saddle shoes Elvis coming on the scene TV shows and movies Enjoyed in black and white Weenie roasts and hopscotch Doors left unlocked at night Hula hoops and sock hops Girls shyly playing coy Couldn't help but sneak a glance At a short haired clean cut boy Bicycles and paper routes Waiting for the Fuller Brush™ man Catching fireflies after dark Running barefoot in the sand Homemade fudge and popping corn Trying to learn the jitterbug Rooting for the Dodgers™ Drinking Kool-Aid™ from a jug Collecting cards from Mallow-Cups™ Always trying to win a prize Shopping for school shoes in the fall Chosen by price and not by size Watching American Bandstand Listening to rock and roll Saving pictures of movie stars Running into the clothesline pole RC Cola™ cold as ice From the cooler at Butler's store Potted meat and onion sandwiches Kept us going back for more Times so fondly remembered Wouldn't go back if I could Playing them often in my mind So they'll never be gone for good Kathleen McCoy Eldridge © March 19, 2011 All Rights Reserved

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1950s Midis
Art © George KorachSapphire Designs