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Dedicated to Jason Been lookin' through the seed catalogs Pert nigh since the first of the year That fresh plowed dirt's gonna smell real good Now that spring is finally here Gotta rouse Pa outa the easy chair Where he's been parked all winter Reckon we'll send our seed order off Just as soon as we've et our dinner The youngins growed up and moved away Now all the work's up to me and Pa By cracky, ain't nothin' we ain't done before With the help of our hard man, Daw Right soon, the mailman will bring us a box Full of seeds and plants and stuff We mighta gone just a tad overboard The plantin's gonna be kinda rough We finally got everthang in the ground On the day after Easter Sunday Ain't much restin' this time of year But I reckon we'll get some someday Settin' on the back porch of an evenin' Just relaxin' in the settin' sun Pa reads out loud from the Bible Whilst I gets all the mendin' done Yep, it looks like it's gonna be a bumper crop With lotsa hard work and sweat and love Just hope God sends us our share of rain From that big farm up above Kathleen McCoy Eldridge © March 18, 2011 All Rights Reserved share

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