When you lose a lobe of liver, Do your Cheerios taste green? Have you made the morning coffee In your washing machine? Did you ever bite a mouse trap Just before a summer freeze? Does your chewing gum taste crunchy And fall down 'round your knees? Have you ever gone to Cleveland for Michigan's Octoberfest? Or danced with Old Job's turkey 'Cause you like hot dogs best? Does a Popsicle taste funny When it's made with pickle juice? Or should I take a walk downtown In a pick-up painted puce? Jumping off a cracker's edge I wondered, "What's the hurry?" Threw up my purple banana 'Cause the outside tasted furry. A mouth that's stuffed with cotton Cobwebs dancing in my brain Legs all weak and wobbly But at least I feel no pain Kathleen McCoy Eldridge © September 8, 2010 All Rights Reserved share

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