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As I get older, I tend to drift To thoughts of long ago A favorite one that comes to mind Was watching Mother sew She'd thread up that old Singer™ Have a cup of coffee nearby Then move both feet in unison To make the treadle fly She tried to keep her scissors Hidden from plundering hands But we'd use them to cut paper And she'd sharpen them again Mother never had the best utensils But she took it with a smile Using cheap and mismatched fabrics She turned out frocks with style Pillow cases with hand embroidery Crocheted scarves and table cloths Made our old house look fancy With used furniture that she bought Ah, yes, I remember our Mother And how she taught us all to sew As I let my old mind reminisce With my thoughts of long ago Kathleen McCoy Eldridge © April 30, 2011 All Rights Reserved share

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Joseph Haydn

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