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Our Mother never had many luxuries The bare essentials were hard to come by With seven growing children to feed and clothe Our parents had a very hard life Motherís birthday was only a few days off And we all needed shoes for school So, Daddy went to Williamson on the train Looking sharp as a razor, as a rule Daddy came home with shopping bags Shoes for us and a Sporting News™ for him And, when he took out a brightly wrapped box He just looked at Mother and grinned Smiling as he handed her the box Daddy insisted that she open it early As she tore at the paper and saved the bow Our Mother looked coquettish and girly Inside were a Kodak™ and a roll of film No gift could have pleased her more Thinking of the memories she could save And all the fun in store Mother marched us all into the front yard With seven pairs of brand new shoes Snapping and posing, it was no time flat Before that whole roll was used She mailed the film and ordered the prints And waited impatiently for them to come The day arrived when the mailman brought Twelve pictures of Motherís thumb As she finally read the instruction booklet Motherís face suddenly developed a frown It was then she realized that in her haste She had held the camera upside down Saving money for another roll of film Motherís picture-taking never waivered She turned out to be an avid photographer Leaving permanent memories for us to savor Kathleen McCoy Eldridge Rocky McCoy © April 20, 2014 All Rights Reserved share

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