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For Ken ... In memory of Cali He sits looking out the window Knowing he must cope somehow In his lap, he holds a wooden box With her treasures tied in a bow She always called it her keepsake box And added things through the years Opening the lid for the very first time His saddened eyes well up with tears Everything has been sad but hectic In the weeks that she's been gone The place they shared for so many years Is just a house now; not a home He looks at her treasures one by one And is amazed at what she kept Every little thing with a memory all its own Her loss so hard to accept The box's every nook and cranny Tells of the years they shared But the question must go unanswered Of why she died and he was spared Alas, ours is not to wonder why But, rather, to accept God's will As long as her memory is kept alive His beloved is with him still Closing the lid, he caresses the top As a teardrop glides down his cheek The box shall remain forever closed For its treasures are only hers to keep Kathleen McCoy Eldridge September 23, 2011 All Rights Reserved share

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