For Cali I guess I should be used to it Since it's my third time at bat But having cancer is never easy Especially when the treatments fall flat Yet, I'm not alone on this journey I know God is by my side And that of my dear friend, Cali Whose condition cannot be denied They say the third time is the charm And we're both in the same old boat She got her news only yesterday But we won't let old satan gloat We're determined to beat this awful disease 'Cause we're done it twice before I know God will touch us with His love And we won't have to suffer anymore I call her when I'm lonely She calls me when she's sad With God and each other to depend on This affliction won't be half bad I pray that God will touch us both That we'll be worthy of His saving grace And He'll welcome us with open arms When we meet Him face to face I have faith there will come a day When our bodies will be cancer free Because God rained down His blessings On my dear friend, Cali, and me Kathleen McCoy Eldridge ©February 11, 2011 All Rights Reserved share

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