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Sometimes, I feel so tired and worn Like I don't have the strength to go on The hitch in my get-along has rusted And my get-up-and-go is long gone It's so quiet, I hear my bones creaking Those seventy-one years sure went fast Year after year whizzes by in my head Fading memories beckon from my past I maintained a big lawn and garden And whizzed though my housework with ease Now others do all those things for me Because of pain in my bones and my knees Ravages of time and arthritis Have wreaked havoc on my joints and my back Fingers once so active and nimble Now struggle with the simplest tasks Growing old is better than the alternative And I'm 'way too decrepit to die young Proud and grateful for what I've accomplished Yet regretful for some things I've done God never promised me a "do over" So I accept the good and bad of my life And thank Him that I still remember When I was a young mother and wife I hope I'm remembered with fondness When my life is all said and done For despite all the illness and heartache I was blessed with much happiness and fun So I sit here in this tired old body As the hands on the clocks tick away Guess I'll get up off my pity pot now And do something constructive today Kathleen McCoy Eldridge April 10, 2012 All Rights Reserved share

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