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Sitting quietly at her bedside Watching her chest as it ebbs and flows Listening intently as she fights for air Bearing a sorrow that no one knows He has loved her all his life, it seems And will, until his dying day Yet even with all his hopes and prayers He can feel her slipping away The picture album on the nightstand The wedding rings they've always worn Building a happy life together And the joy when the children were born The fifty years they spent together Race frantically through his mind As though they could disappear somehow From his heart forever enshrined She rallies and calls her husband's name In a weak and wispy voice And implores him to remain forever strong To understand that she has no choice His faith still strong and abiding Weeping softly, he clasps her hands Accepting fully the will of God Never doubtful of His plans Kathleen McCoy Eldridge August 20, 2011 All Rights Reserved
Carol G. (Cali) Oliver
December 26, 1933 ~ August 21, 2011
Sleep well, my friend. share

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