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Hunger pangs are gnawing My guts all pitter-patter Been dieting for a week now Yet I think I'm getting fatter Exercising and counting calories In my ongoing battle of the bulge Wears my tired, old body out And makes me want to indulge I'm trying that new liquid diet It's gonna work this time, I feel Sticking to it faithfully Drinking a glass with every meal That exercise machine is a terror I keep jiggling in that belt Makes it hard to hold my potato chips But I'll soon be slim and svelte The treadmill is getting a work out Nothing as boring as running in place Sure is hard to eat a hot dog, though As I try to keep up that pace Midnight snacks are a "no-no" Used to be the best part of my day So I eat at eleven o'clock instead To keep the twilight cravings at bay Some folks say that dieting is hard But my way works just fine Why I've been trying for many years To reduce my huge behind I try every new fad that comes along Ah, the diet meals I've learned to cook Yet if the honest truth be told Nothing's shrinking but my pocketbook I've found a way to make it pay off And I'm finally over the hump Instead of dreaming about being slim I've settled for pleasingly plump Kathleen McCoy Eldridge August 2, 2011 All Rights Reserved share

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Margi Harrell

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