Nestled in a peaceful valley low Flanked by great Kentucky hills Country folk singing in unison From tenor to soprano and trills The rustle of a mountain stream Scents of autumn permeate the air From long ago, I still recall The joy that I felt there The sounds of laughing children Playing outside before the preaching Helping Mrs. Fletcher carry supplies For the class that she'd be teaching "When We All Get To Heaven" Always made the rafters ring "Amazing Grace" and "What A Friend" Caused us all to shout and sing As the L&N roared quickly by Filled with coal, no doubt The singers never missed a beat It's hard to drown a Baptist out The pastor preached his sermon And the sweat poured down his face Hands firmly on the Bible As he spoke of love and grace We stood and sang "Come To Jesus" As people came up to be saved Kneeling and praying at the altar Finding the peace they craved One of my favorite times of all Was when revivals came to town There was all day preaching and singing And pot-luck dinner on the ground Weddings, funerals and baptisms That old church house saw it all I'll hold those memories in my heart Till I heed Heaven's altar call Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 20, 2010 All Rights Reserved share

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