I've heard it said most all my life That the third time is the charm Good and bad things come in threes Often leaving us disarmed My third time arrived today Can't say I was caught off guard I aim to muster up my courage Though I know it will be hard Thinking back eight years ago And the time I probably wasted My mind refuses to feel regret There's so much life I haven't tasted All my strength comes from my God And though my life still goes awry I'll hold to His unchanging hand I'm not ready to say, "Good-bye." Sometimes I lead; sometimes I lean Guess this is a good occasion When I must do a lot of leaning As others resolve the equation I place myself in God's capable hands As I battle with body and soul To rid myself of the monster And, once again, be victoriously whole Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ August 4, 2010 All Rights Reserved Share

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