The days have gotten warmer Pollen season has rolled around The landscape has a sunny glow With all that yellow stuff on the ground Coughing, sneezing, watery eyes Stuffy nose, puffy face, aching head A look in the bathroom mirror Makes me wonder if I woke up dead As I spray the Astelin™ up my nose With my head locked in a vise I remember times I've been worse off So the least I can do is be nice Guess I'll get dressed and go to Wal*Mart™ Can't put off errands and chores My nose runs like sap from a sugar tree As soon as I get outdoors My blue car looks green from the pollen Birds and bees try to chase me down Guess I'll stop off at the carwash As long as I'm going to town Then, driving along, I start to smile At scads of flowers and children at play This old lady has found a blessing For God has sent another beautiful day So I sniff and snort and cough and sneeze You know, it's not so bad, at that 'Cause with all the ugliness in this old world I could be old and poor and fat Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© April 12, 2009 All Rights Reserved Share this Page

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