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Brother and I were the oldest In a family with seven offspring Mother called on us at chore time To help her fetch and carry and bring We kids were on the front porch reading The funny books Daddy brought from town On a hot, sweaty day in mid-July When our fun came crashing down The silence of the day was broken When Mother yelled, "The pigs are out! They're running free in the garden. The big one has a smile on his snout." Now, I hadn't seen a lot in my tender years But I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt That Mother was stretching the truth a mite About the pig with a smile on his snout Mother came running and waving her broom Then promptly stumbled over Rod's dog, Rover Heading and pitching before she could stop Our dear Mother turned the rain barrel over We hadn't planned on watering the garden But that old barrel emptied out with a thud Down went Mother still holding that broom With all the dogs and the kids and the mud Brother and I both headed out back Trying to save our vegetation All three pigs were eating their fill While Mother screamed from total frustration I herded the big one over his way 'Cause we knew the others would follow Brother tacked that pig and brought him down In all the mud they both could swallow We were covered in mud from head to toe So we jumped in the creek to wash off The cool of the water made it all worthwhile And the pigs were all happy in the trough All that happened a lifetime ago And gets funnier with time, I reckon Brother never cared much for pigs after that But he sure does love his bacon Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 22, 2010 All Rights Reserved share

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