Photograph by Chalmers Butterfield

Shaped in love and clouded by time Fond memories revive my soul And I can retreat into yesterday When my world seems out of control A shy young girl of barely nineteen And a soldier tall and proud Making vows before God that day Seeking the happiness Heaven allowed He never knew how scared I was Or the worried tears I cried Counting the days until he came home Yet in a foreign land, he died I've lived a life of loneliness That many say I've wasted But I have to believe my sacrifice Was worth the joy I tasted So I sit here with my memories Often wondering what might have been If I had taken a different path Instead of dwelling in "back then" Scenes of the past will fill my days Till it comes my time to go For all I have are memories And the feelings they still bestow Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 11, 2010 All Rights Reserved share

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