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It's a bright and sunny morning And Monday's here again We're rolling out the Maytag™ So the washing can begin Two washtubs sat behind it One for starch and one for rinse With water carried the night before From the pump out by the fence I can still hear Mother humming Occasionally breaking out in song Keeping rhythm with the dasher As the morning moved along Working almost till sundown That mountain of wash diminished It takes a lot for nine people But the whole shebang got finished Bedtime on washday was a blessing Weary bones waiting to hit the sheets On a bed with fresh washed linens And line-dried in the breeze Through hot or cold or snow or rain How well I still remember That old Maytag™ chugging along From January through December Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 10, 2010 All Rights Reserved

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Sequenced by Bob Barnes

Art © Randy SoudersSapphire Designs