Pa allows as how he's henpecked Said he seen somethin' on TV 'Bout overbearin' women And seems to think it applies to me The old coot tripped over the hound dog Now he don't walk so good That was nigh on five years ago And his leg don't work like it should Thank goodness, we get the welfare On the first day of ever month Kinda makes me feel ashamed But I'm good at puttin' up a front Never was too fond of housework Pa knowed it before we was hitched Guess he was just a fool in love Reckon my looks had the man bewitched My body's prime for birthin' youngins Done had sixteen so far Expectin' anothern come Halloween So I reckon I'm doin' my part My days is usually purty full With all the work that's left to me What with keepin' an eye on the youngins And watchin' Days of our Lives on TV Pa don't know how good he's got it I hear him gripin' under his breath Should know by now it won't do no good 'Cause I shore ain't able to help I figger I done give that man The best years outa my life So, what if he is a tad henpecked? Man's married to a trophy wife Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 10, 2010 All Rights Reserved share

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