I know she's in there somewhere Yet, there's a blank look on her face No recognition in her lovely eyes As she cringes at my embrace It hurts to see her sitting there Looking so lonely and forlorn Where is the mother I used to know? She's alive, but still I mourn An awful disease has afflicted her Playing games as it destroys her mind Giving us briefly a ray of hope Then leaving her brain maligned This morning, she was her old self Her memory no longer encroached But an evil cloud encircled her As eventide approached The doctor calls it "sundowning" Overwhelming her body and soul When the onset of dementia Gives a daughter the mother's role I pray she will know me once again With the dawn of another day Yet I know the time is drawing nigh When sundown will have its way Kathleen McCoy Eldridge ©April 25, 2010 All Rights Reserved share

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