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This time of year brings memories Of many holidays spent at home Recalling the goodies on Thanksgiving And the fight for the pulley bone I don't think we ever had a turkey But Mother roasted the fattest chicken My heart has never forgotten The aromas wafting from the kitchen I loved to mix the pumpkin custard All our food was made from scratch When Mother made the pie crust She always had to triple the batch The first Thanksgiving that I remember I had an argument with my big brother He had always gotten the pulley bone So the fight was settled by Mother After the meal, we pulled that bone And I got the biggest piece That's how we settled it every year Still full from the yearly feast One year Mother roasted two chickens Seven children were now in our home Big brother and I never fought again From then on, we had two bones Oh, the fine wishes that we made Dreaming dreams as children do Reliving those days in my memory Is like having a wish come true Kathleen McCoy Eldridge ©November 11, 2009 All Rights Reserved Share


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