I've tried to tell you how I feel But the words just don't get through I wish I were brave enough to say I'm no longer in love with you I don't remember when it happened Or even where it all went wrong The tenderness and passion died And the love I felt is gone You may think I'm being hasty But I've really thought it through Guess I'm taking the coward's way out By writing this note and leaving you It's important that you understand I'm not seeing anyone else I've always been faithful to our vows I have to do this for myself You never noticed my depression Neither have you seen my pain Lovers have become strangers And we both must share the blame I know I may live to regret it But it's a chance I have to take So I can look forward to life again And fill this empty, lonely ache I can't get back the wasted years Nor forget all the tears I've cried But I only wish the best for you As I lament a love that died Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© January 22, 2009 All Rights Reserved