A breeze is softly blowing The sun darts behind a cloud Flowers seem to be smiling Dancing tall and proud A glen tucked in the valley Nearly hidden from view Has created such a perfect place For a promised rendezvous Birds sing in rapturous harmony With the rustling of the stream Reclining on a bed of moss She waits, perhaps to dream Thinking of one who went away With a vow that he'd return As her love grows ever stronger Her heart impatiently yearns Reality falls by the wayside Illusion in her mind encased Lost in a world of broken dreams Perception somewhat misplaced Imagining the sound of footsteps Holding her breath, she hesitates Still alone in her quiet fantasy With a lonely heart, she waits Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© February 8, 2009 All Rights Reserved

I Have Dreamed
Sequenced by Bill Basham
Diversi-Tune" Midi Files

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