Mother had always used a cook stove Fueled with kindling wood and coal Turned out some mighty good eating But an electric one became her goal One day, she had gone to Williamson To shop the B&L Department Store When she spotted a used electric stove As soon as she walked in the door For ten dollars down and five more a month She could have it paid off by fall But that sure was a lot of money to spend For something she didn't really need at all On the hot summer days, she reasoned The coal stove could take a rest Maybe the house would cool off a bit And, oh, the people she could impress Needless to say, Mother bought it It found a home in our dining room She cleaned and polished till it sparkled And smelled of Johnson's Wax™ perfume It didn't take much to make her happy And Mother was grateful for what she had Somehow she always weathered the storms When times were hard and things were bad Dearest Mother, if I could only tell you All the things I wish I'd told you then I hope you always knew we loved you And that we'll see you once again Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© February 8, 2009 All Rights Reserved

~ Mother, Cheryl & The New Stove ~