Art © George Kovach

The cold North Pole was all abuzz The elves were in a tizzy There was no time for playing 'Cause Santa kept them busy You see, it was December And Christmastime was nigh The list was very long this year The toys stacked ceiling high Mrs. Claus hummed Jingle Bells As she worked about the kitchen Her helpers stitched up winter coats And scarves and hats and mittens Rudolph rounded up the others And put the reindeer through their paces He rehearsed them all at Santa's sleigh So all nine would know their places Time went fast; the hour grew late The year's work was finally done Mrs. Claus served steaming cocoa And even Santa joined the fun The sleigh was packed up to the brim When little Rudolph took the lead They disappeared into the night Traveling at lightning speed Santa "Ho, Hoed" and Rudolph flew As his red nose led the way Visiting all the boys and girls Before the dawn of Christmas Day Exhausted, they were headed home The North Pole came into sight Time to start all over again For next year's Christmas Eve night Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© December 5, 2009 All Rights Reserved share

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