For Jan The day was rainy and gloomy The kind where you want to stay in bed I got a call from my dearest friend, Jan She said to get up and go out instead Jan and her husband moved to Florida Just a little over a year ago Though we talk and email often I find that I still miss her so It was sunny and warm at Jan's today So she retreated to her favorite place And claiming the day as a Praise Day There at the beach, she felt God's sweet grace When she called me, her tone was so merry The lilt in her voice changed my mood She told me to make the most of today And leave the TV where I had been glued So taking a page from Jan's book of living I dressed and went out to meet the rain When opening the door, umbrella in hand God's sunshine was beaming again Though I'm a long way from being a hermit On many days, I'd rather hibernate But when I do errands and run place to place I remember Jan's Praise Day and I feel just great Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© January 23, 2009 All Rights Reserved